Saturday, June 19, 2010

Contest #2

Here is a contest that Twilight Saga fans will LOVE! If you buy a V.I.P. Eclipse Pass (either one) you can enter to win the opportunity to accompany one of the owners to the next Twilight movie pre-screening! That means you will get to see Breaking Dawn way before the general public! 

This is what you need to do to enter: 

1. When you go to the theater to buy your V.I.P. tickets ask the person who helps you to put your name on the Eclipse contest list. 

2. Make a comment on THIS post. 

3. For an extra entry you can mention this contest on your blog (leave blog address) 

4. For each person that also buys a V.I.P. ticket and lists you as the referral (here in the comment section) you will also receive an additional entry. Good luck!


  1. I am so excited for this movie!!! Go team EDWARD!!
    Party All Night! Yeah!

  2. Blogged about this contest!